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East Wing VIII opening - Philip Lee and Yason Banal

East Wing VIII: On Time is open to the public on Saturday 25th April (10am-5pm) and Sunday 26th April (12-4pm) with performances by Philip Lee alongside an installation by Yason Banal - in England for a short time only.

Philip Lee: White III. Image copyright Judy GoldhillPhilip Lee performs Colours I 2009, a new live body piece performed for the first time incorporating body paints and water. Lee applies body-paint in a ritualistic and methodical way, from head to toe and then toe to head, and so on. Different coloured paints are used for each sequence, as the body's skin becomes an ever-changing palimpsest. Lee struggles to follow his self-imposed schedule in an action that is symbolic of the journey through life to the deep unknown. As a living sculpture, Lee interrogates artistic traditions while the viewer is forced to consider the terrifying transience of corporeal existence.

Yason BanalYason Banal will present Untitled/Again (Marienbad); a video and performance inspired by Alain Robert-Grillet and Alain Resnais' cold classic Last Year at Marienbad. Untitled/Again (Marienbad) is a constellation of the space-time continuum, purgatorial ennui and art haut naturalism, as well as photographic amnesia, cinematic stillness and sculptural performance. Yason Banal forms a contemporary constellation around etiquette, lethargy and stupor by transporting Marienbad to different cities, inhabited by human figurines, sculptural garments and gallery artifacts. Courtauld Institute students will form a doom couture styled tableaux vivant that will accompany the video screening.

Due to popular demand, Stephen Walter’s exhibition of The Island: London Series has now been extended until July 2009.

If you require any further information or wish to arrange a private tour of the collection for yourself, friends or clients then please do get in touch. Catalogues will also be available for artists to collect for the duration of the weekend.

Check to see the range of forthcoming exciting events.

Many thanks
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Chloé Nelkin
Chair, East Wing VIII
07764 273 219

Next openings:
Saturday 25th April
Sunday 26th April
Friday 22nd May - Museums at Night programme
Saturday 27th June
Sunday 28th June
Saturday 25th July
Sunday 26th July - last ever opening
Please see the website for further dates and full details of all performances.


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