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Philip performing at South Hill Park - 8.30pm - 13 October 2011

Philip Lee and Cally Trench will be performing Body Body Clay Pane at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell on 13th October 2011 at 8.30pm.

Body Body Clay Pane is a live body performance with clay, devised in response to Adam Marsh’s installation, A throne is only a bench covered in velvet. Philip Lee and Cally Trench will struggle to cover each other in clay slip. Colluding in the discomfort and punishment each will be playing by particular rules unknown to the viewer, and at times to each other. The performance contains nudity.

Attached is a leaflet including details of the show.

I hope you can come?

All best wishes,

Attachment: PDF SHP Events Leaflet

The Camouflage Flipbook Movie

Dear all,

Please see this very short film made by Cally Trench, Judy Goldhill and me.

The Camouflage Flipbook Movie: Live body artist Philip Lee rotates as stripes of paint appear down his body in this short timelapse film... [View Movie]

Best wishes,

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