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Two Artist Book Fairs

I have work in two artist book fairs in the next few days and weeks, in Manchester, 8th November and Liverpool, 15/16 November.

Recently I have made a flip-book called White III, which animates part of my White performances. It includes 56 photographs by the talented Judy Goldhill. This led to White IV, an envelope which contains: three body prints, white body paint, a tiny brush and a cut-out stand-up model figure - for a do-it-yourself White experience...

Both will be on display at the Third Manchester Artist Book Fair and the Liverpool Artist Book Fair, where our group is called 'AM Bruno'. If you can get along do look out for Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob, who will be representing the group having done a wonderful job getting us all to make some great books and envelopes. I am disappointed I will not be able to be there.


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